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Guidance for organisations

How training, learning and development looks like for different organisations.

Organisational development and training departments play an important part in developing effective practitioners.

All organisations are responsible for supporting their employees to have the right safeguarding knowledge and skills to do their role.

We recognise that training, learning and development is a continual process for practitioners who have safeguarding responsibilities.

In this framework, people who move past group A will only need to refresh their training, learning and development at the group they reach.

This means practitioners starting a new role don’t have to re-do training, learning and development.

Opportunities should be flexible to meet the needs of all practitioners.

When we plan training, learning and development, we need to consider practitioners who have protected characteristics that may impact the way they learn and develop.

Every organisation has its own training, learning and development framework and documents.

This makes it challenging to write a training framework that works for all organisations.

Some employers may need certain staff groups to be trained to a higher level than described in this framework, to meet the needs of their organisation.

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