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Innovation coaching service

We’ve launched a free coaching service to support promising social care innovations across Wales.

What is the innovation coaching service?

Our coaching service is the first of its kind for social care in Wales.

It gives you access to a team of coaches who’ll help you develop your ideas to improve practice, processes, services and outcomes.

If you have a great idea you want to test on the ground, we're here to support you to do so safely and to help it reach its full potential.

Why have we created it?

We created our coaching service to help guide and support the innovation that’s happening across the care system to develop new ways of working.

We know people working in social care are developing new ideas around the way they work all the time. Our team is here to help your idea have the biggest impact possible.

Who’s it for?

The service is for people in social care roles who are working to innovate or improve their practice to deliver better care services.

We want to hear from people at any stage of their career who have ideas they want to test on the ground.

From 25 September to 6 October, we asked for your ideas to improve any aspect of social care services or practice, at any stage of development.

Over the coming months, we'll hold three focused application windows for specific types of projects.

  • Focus on recruitment and retention – We’ll be looking to support ideas and projects that improve recruitment and retention in social care.
  • ‘Train the trainer’ – We’ll be looking for opportunities to support people who are helping others to innovate.
  • Supporting partner initiatives – We’ll be looking to partner with initiatives that support innovation in the sector.

We'll still consider other projects during these focused windows, so please get in touch if you've got a great idea you want to explore.

Each window will be followed by a two-week selection period, with the coaching itself lasting six weeks.

How does it work?

Send us your ideas and we’ll consider how we can best support you.

If your project is selected to be part of the coaching service, you’ll get online support from our team of coaches, who are experts in delivering change.

They’ll help you solve problems and build the confidence to continue using your new way of working once the coaching has finished.

The service can support you from idea to implementation. Whether you need to test an idea or develop a way to understand its impact, we can help.

Everyone who takes part in the coaching service will be eligible to join our ‘coaching club’ – a network of others who've been through the same process.

Even if your project isn’t selected to be part of the coaching service, we’ll help you find other support to help move your project forward.

How to apply

Give us an overview of your project or idea by completing our application form, or send a short video application to

Our coaching team will also be on hand to help with the application process, so get in touch if you have any questions.

Need more information?

Contact if you'd like to know more about our innovation coaching service.

Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions of our innovation coaching service.