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Dealing with concerns
  • How we deal with concerns

    Find out how we deal with concerns raised about registered persons and what to expect from us if a concern is raised.

    • Dealing with concerns
  • Raise a concern about a social care worker

    An online form for members of the public, employers or workers who want to raise a concern about a social care worker.

    • Dealing with concerns
  • Codes of Professional Practice and guidance

    Information about the codes including what people using care and support should expect from social care workers.

    • Dealing with concerns
  • Hearings

    Information on how hearings work, what hearings are coming up and the outcomes of past hearings.

    • Dealing with concerns
  • Help and advice

    Help and advice for people involved in fitness to practise cases, hearings, or who have contacted us about a concern.

    • Dealing with concerns
  • Being a witness for Social Care Wales at a hearing

    Being a witness for Social Care Wales at a hearing

    • Dealing with concerns
  • Fitness to practise hearings rules and guidance

    These rules explain the process we must follow before, during and after a fitness to practise panel hearing, and how a hearing should be run.

    • Dealing with concerns