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Registering if you qualified outside the UK

This page is for social workers who qualified outside the UK, who want to register to work in Wales.

If you’ve ever been registered with:

you must email before you apply to let us know you want to apply with us. You won’t need to have your qualification assessed for a second time.

Before you apply

You must:

  • already hold the certificate for your qualification in social work
  • have evidence of at least 130 days of supervised and assessed social work practice or post qualifying social work experience.
  • We’ll check that your qualification and social work experience fits the Welsh degree framework and the UK agreed subject benchmarks for social work.

We don’t need evidence of your English language proficiency for registration. But employers may have their own requirements, so discuss this with them directly.

If you’re returning to social work practise after three years or more, you’ll need to:

  • show your knowledge and understanding of contemporary social work practice
  • meet the requirements of returning to practise.

Other UK regulatory bodies

If you decide to work outside of Wales, you will need to contact the regulatory body for that country.

In the UK these are:

Completing the internationally qualified application

If this is your first time registering in the UK, you’ll need to complete the qualification equivalency form.

Make sure you provide the full details of your:

  • supervised and assessed practice placements
  • post qualifying social work employments.

The information should include contact details for the supervising and assessing social worker from your placements. Alternatively, this could be a contact from your qualifying university.

Complete the application to register

You need to create an account on our SCWonline website to complete the application to register.


You need to:

  • get copies signed and dated by a recognised individual who’s seen the original versions
  • provide confirmation that you intend to practise in Wales
  • if possible, provide evidence of your most recent criminal records check
  • pay the fee of £350.

You must upload or email copies to your SCWonline account of your:

Endorsing your application

Make sure you read our endorsement guidance.

If you’re already working in Wales the online application asks you to select the person who will verify your identity documents and endorse your application. This is from a list of approved individuals.

If you’re not already working in Wales you’ll need to enter your endorser’s details manually. You’ll need to print the application form and take it to your endorser to check, sign and date. Then scan and upload this signed version to your SCWonline account.


You’ll need to pay a fee when you apply to register. Find out more on our fees page.

Statistics about internationally qualified applicants

Since 1 October 2022, we've:

  • received 246 applications from individuals who qualified outside of the UK.
  • registered 91 individuals who qualified outside the UK. Please note these individuals may have applied before October 2022.

There are 250 people who qualified outside the UK on the Register.

Contact us

If you have a question, email:

First published: 2 November 2022
Last updated: 22 November 2023
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