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Resources to support social care employers to meet service standard regulations

This list of resources can support employers and service providers to meet service standard regulations.

How these resources can help you

This list of resources can support employers and service providers to:

“ensure that individuals are supported by appropriate numbers of staff who have the knowledge, competence, skills and qualifications to provide the levels of care and support required to enable the individual to achieve their personal outcomes.”

Requirements on Service Providers as to Staffing, Part 10 of The Regulated Services (Service Providers and Responsible Individuals) (Wales) Regulations 2017

All Wales induction frameworks

Core and Practice qualifications

  • The content of the core and practice qualifications is based on what we expect workers to know, understand and put into practice.
  • There are specialist units in the practice qualifications to reflect workers’ roles.
  • We encourage managers to look at these units, which are available on the Health and Care Learning Wales website, and be involved in selecting the relevant ones with their workers as part of the qualification process.

Code of Professional Practice

Practice Guidance for registered workers

Qualification framework for social care and regulated childcare in Wales

  • The qualification framework explains the required qualifications and induction requirements for job roles within social care

Social care worker registration

  • Social care workers who are required to register with Social Care Wales are expected to carry out 45 hours of continuing professional development over their three year registration period.
  • There’s guidance on our registration pages about what’s considered to be acceptable continuing professional development and there’s support for care professionals to renew their registration
  • Individual supervision and appraisals should help to identify learning and development needs that are specific to each worker.

Qualifications and standards events

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