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Progress logs and certificate of completion

The progress logs cover all the sections in the framework, these should be used to note evidence drawn on to confirm achievement of the induction standard e.g. qualification completion, supervision, records, observation of practice or witness testimonies.


Generic progress log for all social care managers

The generic sections cover the breadth of responsibilities for the leadership and management of social care services, including; person/child centred practice, effective team performance, quality of service delivery, professional practice, safeguarding and health and safety. These sections should be completed by all social care managers who are new to their role.

Service specific progress logs

The service specific sections cover a wide range of areas such as dementia or children who are looked after, you should select the section/s here which most closely align with your new role.

Certificate of completion

The certificate of completion should be signed off by the Responsible Individual and the manager who has undertaken the Induction Framework it when completed.

If the Responsible Individual cannot sign the certificate it should be signed off by someone inside or outside of the organisation who meets the criteria for making judgement about the induction standards. There is more information in the guidance for use.

The certificate of completion only needs to be submitted to Social Care Wales if it being used as a ‘training requirement’ for the renewal of registration.

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