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About well-being at work

Explains what well-being at work is, why it matters at work, and where to get more information.

What is well-being at work?

Our well-being at work covers every part of our working life, including the environment we work in, how we feel about our work, the organisation and the people we work with.

Things that make a difference to our well-being at work can be:

  • workplace culture

    The culture at work can affect how we feel. A positive culture can help us to feel safe and supported in our work.

    Things that affect workplace culture include:
    • our relationships with the people we work with
    • how we’re managed
    • the approach to leadership in our organisation
    • the environment we work in.
  • work and home life

How we feel at work and our ability to do our job will be affected by our lives at home.

A good workplace recognises the individual needs of its workers and supports them to do their job well.

  • keeping yourself as well as you can be.

Looking after your own personal health is important to enable you to do your job well.

Why well-being matters at work

Good well-being at work is important because:

  • it gives us a sense of purpose and achievement in our role
  • we perform better if we’re happier at work and confident in what we’re doing, which means we support people better
  • staff who feel supported at work are more likely to stay with an organisation.

Next steps

It can seem daunting to think of ways to support your own or others’ well-being at work. To get started, read our guides on supporting your own well-being at work, or managing a team’s well-being.

We’ve also written a framework, which helps you build on what you already do to create positive cultures at work and promote well-being.