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New Welsh language level checker available for social care workers

New Welsh language level checker available for social care workers

| Social Care Wales

Social care workers in Wales can now use a free online tool to assess their Welsh language skills.

We’ve worked with the National Centre for Learning Welsh to develop a ‘Level Checker’ for the social care sector.

The Level Checker is an online assessment to help you find out your Welsh language level in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. You complete a series of online assessments, and your results indicate your level of Welsh - from entry level through to proficient.

Anyone working in social care can use the Level Checker to assess their Welsh language ability. It’s free to use and available on mobiles, tablets and computers.

Sue Evans, our Chief Executive, said: “The Level Checker is a great resource to help social care workers find out what Welsh language ability they have. Many people understand more Welsh than they realise, so the results may give some workers a confidence boost.

“After completing the assessment, the next step for someone who is interested in improving their Welsh is to register for one of our free Camau Welsh language courses, which have been created especially for social care workers and offer flexible, online learning.”

The Level Checker is available here.

You can find out more about our Camau courses on the Learn Welsh website. There are two different courses available, for north and south Wales.