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New! Toolkit to support area plan development

New! Toolkit to support area plan development

| Bethan Price

Under Section 14a of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014, regional partnership boards must develop area plans for their regions now they have completed their population assessments. The first area plans must be published by April 2018.

The toolkit was developed by Social Care Wales and the Welsh Government following discussions with our partners in national and local government, health boards and the third sector to find out what support they may need to meet the requirements set out in the Statutory Guidance in Relation to Area Plans under Section 14A.

The toolkit is divided into three sections:

• Components of the plan – this provides an overview of what is required in the regulations and statutory guidance
• Area plan template – the regions can adapt this template according to their brand and house style
• Guidance notes – this provides further clarification, guidance and advice about specific parts of the statutory guidance.

You can download the toolkit here.