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Care to Co-operate launch new interactive online toolkit

Care to Co-operate launch new interactive online toolkit

| Charmine Smikle

The toolkit has broken down the planning process into animated manageable topics that cover all you need to know about developing a co-operative service.

The toolkit takes you through five key areas that you can work through in your own time.

Each topic contains information, quizzes and activities to make your ‘co-operative journey’ fun and engaging. Once you’ve completed the topics the Care to Co-operate team are on hand to provide additional support and advice.

The toolkit will inspire you and your friends, family and local community to have more say and control over your social care and support services.

A Member of Gorwellion Newydd Co-operative said: “I thought the toolkit was very useful and helpful. It was easy to understand and made me aware of what co-operation is about”

The toolkit is available on

For more information contact: Gemma Murphy by e-mailing: